Therapy in English

  “I don’t understand what I feel”

There are several motives why you might feel you need therapy with a psychologist. Maybe you’ve given it a thought but you feel ashamed or perhaps your issues don’t feel important enough.   Or maybe you just want to know yourself a little bit better because you already know your problem; you feel lonely, sad and lost. Do you want to make changes in your life?

What’s it like seeing a psychologist or therapist?

Going to therapy allows you to construct a safe place with your psychologist.   During therapy you’ll free to express yourself and most importanlty, you won’t feel judged. Your therapist will help you understand who you are and how to take control of your life. You will explore different points of view, enhance your self awareness and little by little change the habits that no longer serve you. You need not walk alone on this new path of discovery and personal growth.

Reasons to go to therapy:

  • Anxiety and stress. You feel nervous, have diffciculties sleeping and challenges remembering things.
  • Depression and sadness. You can’t stop crying, life makes no sense, and everything is grey.
  • Panic attacks, phobias and trauma. You have irrational fears or issues that constantly torment you.
  • You’re going through a painful breakup and it’s difficult to move on.
  • Relationship problems/ shyness. Interacting with others is a nightmare and as a result you feel bad.
  • Self-esteem. You feel you do everything wrong and you don’t feel worthy or enough.
  • Sorrow/Loss. You have lost a loved one, are unable to move on and are struggling with their absence.
  • You have personal issues with sex or sexual problems with your partner.
  • Negative thoughts come to your mind over and over again and control your life.

Choosing therapy is a natural option when we experience these symptoms. Though sometimes there are circumstances when therapy doesn’t feel so natural.  Maybe the problem doesn’t feel so important like feeling lost or finding our way in life.  However, dealing with these needs can be easier through therapy as your therapist motivates you to reach your personal goals.  You are not alone on your journey of personal growth.

What can you expect from therapy?

During your first interview, your therapist will listen and help you focus on the problem and discover what you need. Together, you will set goals and schedule follow up sessions. The base of our therapy is honesty. In order to talk openly, you and your therapist will build comfort and trust.  We will not offer advice or solutions, rather we will  provide you with the right tools to make your own decisions.

During therapy, you can express your fears, your needs and your issues in a calm environment. Your therapist is the person who will actively listen to you, understand your inner world and guide you through your personal process. You can vent your problems and frustrations, free yourself and little by little, find inner balance.

Each individual has a different personal growth process and will need a different number of sessions to meet their personal needs. We recommend weekly sessions to start and go from there.

Psychologist and therapists in Madrid.

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